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The goal of this website  is to connect Birth Workers who desire to work in maternity care fields in America with programs of education and individuals that can offer help.

Every pregnant woman deserves a Midwife, Doula, Childbirth Educator, or Breastfeeding educator/counselor from her own culture if she so desires. We know from evidence-based studies that good maternity care, education, and support prevents prematurity, reduces complications and in general improves birth outcomes. This is a matter of life and death for certain groups in America at the present time.

All of us want to do something positive and effective to train more Birth Workers and Midwives of Color to impact the shameful disparity in birth outcomes in America, where Black women and babies die around childbirth 3 times the rate of White women and babies. Birth outcomes are also very poor for American Indians and Native Alaskans, and other minority groups plagued by poverty, isolation, and individual or institutional racism.   

Until the shocking disparity in maternity outcomes in America is solved, everyone involved in birth work should consider helping in some way to train more Midwives and Birth Workers from the people groups most negatively affected by disparity, either with scholarships or help buying books. 

If you are a representative of an academic or clinical training program that is willing to offer a scholarship for a Student of Color, please go to the donor page and submit details now. If you are an individual, please go to the Buy a Textbook page and help a student by gifting a book. If you are a potential student, hopefully you will find something on this website to help you achieve your goal to become a birth worker for your comminity.
We can all help end disparities surrounding childbirth. Thank you for playing your part.